GFCH Main priorities

  1. 2020 Priority #1: CIELAD (Team Lead: Sohur; Gunput, M. Rajabalee, Domun). 
    The Community Interventions to Encourage Leagues Against Diabetes Impact Study (CIELAD) will operationalize the deployment of the 5-2035 Model in a community to understand its effect on: (a) improvement in clinical management of CNCD using the Community Health Officer (CHO) function; (b) community engagement towards behavioral changes important to improve CNCD; (c) health economics outcomes, and (d) engendering a culture of People Power! Science First! buy-in of evidence-based practices through community-based participatory research (CBPR).  First Subject First Visit 4Q2020 as a stretch goal. Please see 5-2035 Vision for further details;
  2. 2020 Priority #2: 12 Dan 12. (Co-team leads: Luchoomun & Domun).
    To build a grassroots community, target 12,000 adherents to GFCH from Mauritius and around the world in 12 months by 4Q2020;
  3. 2020 Priority #3: Stakeholders Engagement. (Team lead: Sohur; Jeetah, Luchoomun, Singaravelloo).
    To be able to conduct CIELAD, we need to bring a diverse set of local and international stakeholders together to harmonize expectations and prepare the capacity-building phase to spread the 5-2035 Vision in all communities in Mauritius a a model for the world;
  4. 2020 Priority #4: GFCH Diabetes Education Program. (Team Lead: Gunput; Domun, N. Rajabalee, Marshall, Burke, Durgahee).
    This project will be a catalyst to build our community education activities for living with and preventing CNCD
  5. 2020 Priority #5: CHO White Paper. (Team lead: Burke; Marshall, Durgahee, Sohur).
    The CHO White paper will be a close collaboration between Mauritian stakeholders and our content expert volunteers to articulate the vision of the CHO as would be operational as a central feature of the 5-2035 Model;
  6. 2020 Priority #6: Finances / Fundraising. (Team Lead: Adam; Luchoomun, Jeetah, C. Tandrayen).
    We will set-up a transparent financial structure for the GFCH and its branches around the world to be ISO2001-compliant;
  7. 2020 Priority #7: Process and Compliance (Team lead: C. Tandrayen; Dosooye, Sohur).
    We will establish processes, compliance and internal auditing measures to work towards ISO2001 compliance;
  8. 2020 Priority #8: Communication Strategy, Branding, Talent Acquisition and Retention (Team Lead: Oxenham; Dosooye, Dhunnoo, Singaravelloo).
    Attracting new cadre of volunteers and creating ‘brand recognition’ are important activities for the Foundation to realize our 5-2035 Vision .  This set of goals under Priority #8 will enable us to focus our efforts under the newly appointed Executive Team member functioning as the Chief People Officer.